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Saturday, November 05, 2311

Today four raiders from another Human-resister village brought a Human-born male construct child into Phoenix.  Damek, Galt, Iriarte, and Kaliq were their names.  They fuckin’ stank, and no one trusted them from the get-go.  Akin, the construct child, told a few of us that one of the raiders that was previously with the other four was responsible for killing Tino, but that he had died too.  This town loved Tino, and those fuckers had to pay.  So we killed them.  Well, three of them, and the fourth will get his soon enough. 

Akin had mixed up his stories, first saying that Damek had killed Tino and then saying that Tilden, the one who had died of the ulcer, had done it.  The little shit was probably just trying to prevent further blood-shed, but it was no matter.  We knew those other shit-heads had something to do with it, so they were gonna pay.  After Tate and Gabe decided to trade for the kid, we had ourselves a little preemptive celebration; we liquored up those assholes so that by the time we moved on them they didn’t hardly have chance to retaliate.  Tino’s dad got cut up pretty bad, and few others suffered a few minor wounds, but we had hacked three of those raiders to shit.  The last one was bleeding out, but he wasn’t dead.  Soon enough though, I hope.  As for the kid, well, he was alright considering the bloodshed.  He kept walking around lickin’ people, some dead some still alive.  He must have been trying to see if he could help any of them.  Those Oankali are weird, man.  One minute their forcefully eradicating our entire species, and the next their checkin’ us to make sure we don’t have as much as a mosquito bite bugin’ us.  Fuck em’.  And fuck this kid.  I don’t care how human he looks or is, I don’t trust him.  He’s one of them and part of the next generation of Human-Oankali hybrid devils that will eventually lead to the extinction of us humans. 

But people around here respect Gabe and Tate.  They have been here since the beginning of all this fucked up shit, so I’ll welcome the kid as they do, but I’m not taking my eyes of that lil fucker and his creepy tongue.  If he tries to make a move on me or anyone I know, or tries to use that coercive Oankali philosophy bullshit, ill take my machete to the top of his all-too human skull.  Today brought a lot of bloodshed, and hopefully tomorrow will too.  This town is boring, and this whole situation is beyond fucked up.  I cant wait to get the fuck out her and kill some Oankali, or die.  Whichever comes first.

                                                                                             – Unknown Human-Resister

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